Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hanging at Barnsdall Art Park

You have to walk up a loooong kinda-steep driveway and at the top there are a couple Frank Lloyd Wright houses and an AWESOME field of really soft, really green grass! Lucy likes to lay down and roll in the grass and Sally loves to run!


Lu decided 2 weeks ago that she is a walker. She had taken a few steps here and there, but 2 sundays ago she just got up and decided "Today is the day!". We have been taking many a trip to parks around here (Griffith playground is a new favorite) for long walks and take a few daily strolls up and down the street. Climbing up and down the stairs is still a favorite activity too!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We love RIE!

RIE is this parent/infant group (and caregiving philosophy we try to follow) we have been going to since Lu was 3 months old. The babies started out laying on the ground looking at the sky and trees ( it was outdoors when we first began) and moved on to rolling, crawling, walking, running, and talking... The main idea is time for uninterrupted play in a safe environment to build problem solving skills, inner-direction, and self-knowledge/confidence... And for parents to observe and appreciate what their child can do. We love it!  (Lucy is the one doing yoga in the middle picture)

A blog...

The feeling I have about our little family is similar to the feeling I get when I see lots of weightless white clouds drifting high in the sky... my heart sinks and i think of how blessed i am to be alive just to see these little puffy clouds float across the sky.