Sunday, December 21, 2008

fa la la la la la

Here are some pictures of xmas tree shopping and decorating...and Lucy with her friend Buddha the cat.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

love conquers all

Sally has been trying to gain the affections of Buddha the cat (aka. cheeseburger) since we moved in. Up until now Buddha has always run away... but Sally has been persistent and now her efforts have paid off. I think soon we'll find them spooning. Sally won't quit until she is as snuggled up as in the pic with my sister (cheek to cheek)!

an itsy bitsy spider

Lexi has been taking aerial silks classes since June and I got to see her class. It was so cool! She is like a spider dangling from a web...and doing tricks! The class is in someone's backyard!

The OC

We went down to visit Mike's sister's family The Hatalski's this weekend. Lucy really loves hanging out with her big cousins. Mike went to see Nick's band play, but Lucy isn't ready for rockin, so we stayed home. However I got to go see Lexi's aerial silks class the next day. I got lots of good pictures so I think a separate post is in order. We had such a fun weekend!

Naya's Garden

Julie and Brian's house is a short walk from an indoor playground called Naya's Garden. We have been going a few times a week. It's really fun!

Turkey Day

Bobby's famous black cherry jello! my favorite!

Well, I was busy cooking and mike was taking all the pictures, so sorry they are all of me! ....Thanksgiving was fun this year. We made an awesome feast at Julie and Brian's and my good friend Yvonne came over with her mom Gloria. And Jeff, a friend from next door came over too on the spur of the moment. I cooked the turkey breast down which was awesome! I'll never cook it breast up again. Lucy helped me make an apple pie. Her main duty was taste testing!

2 babies in a crib!

Have you ever wondered what happens when you put two babies in a crib? lots of jumping running, falling, and general mayhem! i highly recommend it.

Summer and Liam visit!

Lucy's buddy Liam and my buddy Summer came over for a visit a few weeks ago and I'm just finally getting the pictures up. We had lots of fun... Summer and I are friends from highschool and we've hung out often since the babies were just a few months old. I'm sad that we wont get to see each other much once we move... Lucy and Liam have a special bond.