Thursday, October 23, 2008


The highchair sold for $60 today! Yippee! So to fill the empty space(in our hearts)...We bought a water table! I'm sure more pictures will follow soon. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The cat jammies really show off the figure!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Beach

Lucy and I went to the beach today with my dad and Martha, and Jack and Marlene(family friends that we have known forever and LOVE so much). We went to Topanga Beach and it was lots if fun... Highlights were feeding a piece of bread to a bird (not a crazy seagul), making dribble castles, and just sitting there.

Pumpkins, Bubbles, and Buddhas

My dad and Martha are in town and we went over to Julie and Brian's to hang out. One thing led to another... the cat piano came out, we carved some pumpkins (Lu was disgusted by the pumpkin goop, but still wanted to help take it out), we blew bubbles, and Lucy was patting the "baby"(she called it that) which was actually a statue of Buddha. It was really a great day! So much fun! All the cheesy stuff they say about how amazing it is to see the world through the eyes of a child is SO true! ( I think my pumpkin looks like Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.)


Our RIE teacher suggested filling up big bottles with varying amounts of water to use as toys. Lucy LOVES them. Unprompted, she lifts them up and carries them purposefully around the apartment from room to room. Then she tells us she is going to "run heavy bottle" and then takes off in a staggering drunken type run.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Diaper Hat!

It's the new rage... Every baby wants one!

Pictures from last week

Mike took these pictures last week in the morning and the light was so pretty. They are taken on the landing on our tile stairway that Lucy loves to crawl up and down.

Farewell Highchair!

Lucy started to refuse to sit in the highchair about a month ago. We bought her a little table from Ikea and Mike sawed the legs down, so it was the perfect height for her. She now walks over to her table at meals and sits down like a little lady to eat! She doesn't quite eat like a lady yet...

The highchair's  portrait for takers yet!
Lucy requested a bowl for her elephant friend!
A snack with Ava (our friend from RIE) during a recent visit...
a satisfied customer...
Pirates Booty!


Since walking is no longer a major challenge for Lu she has moved on to running. She will tell you before she is about to take off by saying "running?" and then she is off! She seems to like going back and forth across the living room with the bathroom as the destination or sometimes she makes a sharp turn while running and goes to the bedroom. 

Puffy Clouds

Just a week after I started the blog we got some awesome puffy clouds! We don't get them that often here in sunny blue-skies los angeles, so I thought I take some pictures...and also to document our apartment, where Lucy spent most of her first year and a half of life(i'm sure she'll want to see pictures someday)... we are moving in 2 weeks, to spend a few months with Julie and Brian in Echo Park before we are off to Austin. We are going to miss this wonderful little home! (ps. Lucy asked to put that white shirt on over her jacket! I like her style!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Post-Pool Snack at Nana's...

My mom just sent me this picture... taken during our trip to Austin, TX in July... So cute! 

I'm sure Mike won't mind...

But I have a crush on Joe Biden! Not only was he totally knowledgeable and cordial to Sarah Palin tonight in the VP debates, but he kept flashing that cute smile of his whenever she would say something outlandish. It wasn't the usual annoying, condescending, politician 'you're an idiot' smile... I can't explain my feelings any better than that, but I think he's CUTE!