Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Lazy Blogger!

Hi there! I have not been blogging at all lately. Maybe I've got nothing to say! ...It's summer time. Lucy and I have been having lazy days with lots of playing and kiddie pool parties outside with her BFF Greta. I started a jewelry making class last week and learned how to saw metal! It was awesome! Mike has been taking yoga once a week and learned how to play the Beatles song "blackbird" on the guitar recently. I have been going to ballet once or so a week... and Lucy starts her Creative Movement class at the Ballet Austin academy this saturday! I'll have to post pictures soon...
recent craftiness:

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This sweet little pooch was found by my neighbor running along the highway far outside Austin... He is staying with us for a few days, but Sally has already gotten pretty friendly with him!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well, This post should have been before the Easter post... what can I say... I'm behind on my blogging. I actually don't have many pictures from Lucy's b-day party, which was a pinata picnic in the back yard. Lucy really had fun... Here is a picture of the pinata I made. It was actually a group effort. Some of the neighbor kids helped me paste when they saw Lucy and I working on it out front. And Mike put on the pink tissue shingles! He is crafty!! Mike made Lucy a sandbox for her b-day and she also, among other fun stuff, got a bouncy horse from my parents! She named it Greta!

interpretive dance!!
new sand box! now part of the daily routine...
the first time Lucy ever asked to have something in her hair...other than a crown!

puzzles at school, post party!
Lu also had a school party...they have this nice ritual where the child holds a globe and they light a candle that represents the sun. And I got to tell a little story about each year of Lucy's life and then each year, after I spoke, she walks in a circle around the candle while the class sings a sweet song about how the earth goes around the sun in a year. It was really special...
then they sang the Happy Birthday song for her and she blew out the candles!

Easter Eggs Hunts...

Lucy had a fun easter and got to have 2 egg hunts! One at school and one at our neighbor's house. The Easter Bunny did visit our house to hide a basket for Lucy... Here are some pictures!

With Austen on the trampoline, post egg hunt!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Dress

Lucy's Auntie Carolyn and cousin Lexi sent her the dress that Lexi wore in our wedding in 2003. Lucy loves it and has worn it everyday since she got it...over her clothes! She says the ruffled sleeves are wings! She even wore it to school on Thursday... ...ps. notice the snow in the pictures! This was not a normal day in Austin, Texas!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yep, a post about shelf paper!

It's late...I'm just up browsing the Apartment Therapy blog...and saw this place! It makes me want to paper my shelves!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sweet Lily Anne!!

The Gennrich Family has a new member!! Mike's brother Dave and our sister in law Lindsey welcomed little baby Lily Anne on February 7th... We can't wait to meet her!

Lucy is in a Book!!

She has 3 or 4 pictures in the book...and Mike and I are in there too. Our RIE class facilitator Ruth Anne Hammond wrote this great book and a lot of the pictures in the book are other children in our parent/infant class that we went to weekly from when Lucy was 3months old until we moved, when she was around 21months.
"Respecting Babies is a guidebook that will help parents and caregivers learn to provide support to babies and toddlers in a way that allows them to become confident explorers. Focusing on the importance of building secure relationships, this guide is an easy-to-read and engaging summary of the history and methods of care originally conceived by Magda Gerber, founder of the Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) program. This book highlights key elements of the RIE program and examines how to effectively put them to use. Readers will learn about the importance of following routines, using language, and creating safe environments in order to promote a child’s ability to experiment, explore, and learn."

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice cream sculpture!

Lucy made the block "sculpture" (below) yesterday...and it just looked so fun and yummy that I had to take a picture! But it reminded me of when we were at the Waldorf school's Winter Fair and Lucy stopped to look at this sculpture for a while and pretended to eat it...she said it was ice cream with chocolate on top... She has definitely inherited my sweet tooth!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Day of Pre-School

Well, I brought Lucy to her first day of pre-school 1.5 hours ago and so far I have not gotten a call that I need to come back. I wonder how she is doing!! Well, here are some pictures from this morning.


Candle making with Julie and Fawn was so much fun!

Myra noticed that Lucy was really watching her son Nick's every move...and we realized she kinda had a crush on him! Lucy's first crush! Nick was so nice to her and didn't seem to mind all the attention.
Coloring with cousins!
Carolyn made crepes!
at J+B's piano
Reunion with Lucy's RIE class...me serving snack!

We just got back from a trip to LA... I went for 2 weeks, because I was taking a class and then Mike and Lucy came out for 1 week and a half... I was really busy with my class, but it was so great to be staying with Julie and Brian... and to get to see some of my best friends. I was so busy with my class that I didn't get to see all my friends, so that was a major bummer. But I was happy that Lucy got to spend more time with J+B and her Uncle Mike and Auntie Carolyn and cousins Nick and Lexi...although she was later saying Lexi was her sister! Here are some pictures from our trip.