Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Auntie Jugee visits!

Well, Lucy's pronounciation of Julie, has gone from Jugee to now, Jewey, but I still love Jugee! Jules came for a long weekend and we had a nice time. We took her for a train ride and ice cream at Barton Springs. So I thought I would post a few pics. Other highlights included going out Saturday night ( my mom came down to babysit) and we saw a modern dance performance and then went to a sports bar and watched skateboarding and ultimate fighting, whilst eating bar food. it was good to be out... : ) 

Monday, June 22, 2009

i keep forgetting to post this...

i did a triathlon! i was inspired by my friend Beth (who I used to work with at BCBG in LA) who lives here in Austin.  So, I started thinking about it, then slowly training, and then really training...and then i did it! it was fun! ...i was very slow! here are the stats! ...It took me 2hrs 19min 
Overall RankClass RankSwimSwim RankTrans1BikeBike RankMPHTrans2RunRun RankPaceFinal
1509 of 1977235 of 28800:24:5795300:06:5301:03:38170711.300:04:3000:39:41128900:12:4802:19:41