Monday, November 3, 2014

October and Halloween

Lucy dressed as a voodoo doll for Halloween night and at school they had a "literary" theme for their annual parade. Lucy was Ivy from one of her favorite books "Ivy and Bean". Her friend Sylvie was Bean with her. They looked so cute! Ruby was a lady bug. She had her first major night of trick or treating and she loved it! She was unsure about having to wear a costume at first, but once she started getting candy she was way into it!

Ivy from Book 1 of Ivy and Bean

This is an owl and nest that Lucy made in art class.

Each year her art teacher does a "Super Hero" project. They learn about how to draw the human body and they get to be creative and make up their own female super hero. Here is Lucy's from this year.

Ruby has been loving school too! Her teacher sent me this picture and it clued me in to why she was coming home with dirt in her hair! She's like a little bird taking a dust bath...