Sunday, January 25, 2009


We have been house hunting since we got here and after falling in love with many houses...we REALLY fell in love with this one and it seemed perfect because we could move in and not have too much work to do (i say with fingers crossed). It's a 1950s mid-century modern house with a big yard for Lucy and Sally to run! And it seems to be a great neighborhood with a public elementary school with a 10/10 rating. We are so excited about it! 

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, we had been nervous about the road trip, not sure if was going to be too torturous for Lucy... But it turned out to be fun and I think only messed up Lu's sleep schedule for a few days. She kept asking about going back to 'Jujee and Byan's house?" and still did for about a week or so after we got to Texas. It was sad...  But she was into the map and listening to the Dora CD her Grandma Katie and Grampa Jim gave her (she is actually still lovin it). And her cat piano was in the car too, she would serenade us. Another fun part was the microwaves and phones in the hotel rooms. There was lots of button pushing. Here are a few pics...

Llama Drama!

Well, I have been really wanting to update the blog with xmas photos and road trip photos, but alas my internet connection has not been cooperative. But it seems to be flying now, so I'll give it a shot! are pics from late December when all the Gennrich's got together down at Casa Hatalski. All of the pics here are from this awesome petting zoo called Zoomars. Lucy loves the goats and especially...the Llamas! However, the llamas are weird. There was a pushy white one with creepy blue eyes... but they are fun to feed carrots to!