Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finding Your Spot

I was just reading in The Creative Family, by Amanda Blake Soule about "finding your spot", a place that you have a connection with in the natural world. So I was trying to think if I had a spot? I have had different "spots" throughout my life. I can think of the beach as a child and being at the lake in wisconsin throughout my life. I definitely have deep connections with those places that I can immediately conjure up even when I'm not there. I think these days I'm so focused on watching the little people I care for interact with the world that I don't pay attention as much as I would like to the natural world around me.  But...after thinking about itI have thought of a few ways I connect. I notice the sky a lot. Mostly while driving, or above the heads of the little people. I love the clouds, as my blog name makes known. I also notice the trees a lot in my neighborhood and just out my window. We have amazing huge lace bark elm trees and old oaks trees and magnolia trees out our windows. I love watching them change throughout the year. Anyways, I was thankful for this idea being put into my head, because I am going to try and find my "spot"...somewhere I can connect with nature and I will wonder about what Lucy and Ruby's "spots" will be. 

               Lucy running in the rain last week!

Lucy picking blackberries in Wisconsin this past summer.

Swimming in the lake this past summer!

After running in the rain...

a kitty in the tree!

Ruby discovers mud!

eventually she did taste some! : )

Ruby loves being in the grass, I think Mike does too. : )