Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Day of Pre-School

Well, I brought Lucy to her first day of pre-school 1.5 hours ago and so far I have not gotten a call that I need to come back. I wonder how she is doing!! Well, here are some pictures from this morning.


Candle making with Julie and Fawn was so much fun!

Myra noticed that Lucy was really watching her son Nick's every move...and we realized she kinda had a crush on him! Lucy's first crush! Nick was so nice to her and didn't seem to mind all the attention.
Coloring with cousins!
Carolyn made crepes!
at J+B's piano
Reunion with Lucy's RIE class...me serving snack!

We just got back from a trip to LA... I went for 2 weeks, because I was taking a class and then Mike and Lucy came out for 1 week and a half... I was really busy with my class, but it was so great to be staying with Julie and Brian... and to get to see some of my best friends. I was so busy with my class that I didn't get to see all my friends, so that was a major bummer. But I was happy that Lucy got to spend more time with J+B and her Uncle Mike and Auntie Carolyn and cousins Nick and Lexi...although she was later saying Lexi was her sister! Here are some pictures from our trip.