Friday, August 28, 2009


i swear my nose is just getting bigger and bigger!

Miguel no le gusta el sol!
with Marty the super nice wrangler!
Lucy in sunglasses from the 80s that Katie brought!
Grimace loves the ranch!

We went to Ring Lake Ranch with almost every Gennrich there is! It was a great time. The ranch is beautiful, just outside a small town in Wyoming called Dubois. We spent a week visiting with the horses and hiking around, and swatting as many mosquitos as we could manage! here are some pics...


Lucy has really been liking to get dressed sunglasses, goggles, headbands, wings, my shoes....

Her Auntie D sent her a teddy bear, which she loves and takes to bed every night.

I have been making things for my Etsy page ...I also have a blog

Well, we have just been hanging out....getting a little tired of the hot hot hot summer. Yesterday we tried to go to the children's museum, but it was closed. However, right next to the museum (which happens to be in a charming area of downtown, seriously we felt like we were on the "downtown" set of a Meg Ryan movie) there was a cupcake shop called Delish! So we got a few cupcakes! Mexican Vanilla, Chocolate Banana, and Lemon Meringue... they were crazy awesome!