Friday, December 30, 2011

Xmas and some recent pics!

Well, I can't believe another xmas has come and gone! It was a very special one with the addition of our sweet little Rubykins! She slept through most of christmas, but it is just so nice to have her around. Lucy had a great time and got soooooo many presents. We should have asked Santa for a toy storage shed! She is having so much fun with her new toys and the new guitar she got from Santa. It is baby blue with a mermaid on it. For some reason we have no pictures of it yet! But Mike tuned it to the key of G (Uncle Brian suggested that...) and it sounds great and Lu has been playing it a lot.
Mike, Lucy, Ruby and Sally reading bedtime stories tonight...
Going to the Ballet Austin Nutcracker!
The night before christmas!
Lu and Rubes...

Mike and Ruby

Ruby getting a smooch
Lucy helping Ruby exercise!
Lucy getting ready for a tea party with her friend Olivia
Our xmas tree!

The house decorated!
at the Invincible Czars Nutcracker's like a heavy metal/polka version of the Nutcracker Suite! Kids just dance around and go bonkers!

Welcome Ruby Jane!

Miss Ruby Jane was born November 17th... She is a sweet sweet sweet little lady. She looks a lot like Lucy did as a newborn, but she has dark hair and she has my feet! Lucy has Mike's feet. Her personality already seems very different though. She doesn't cry very much and she sleeps a lot too! We are even managing to get some sleep at night...phew!