Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well, This post should have been before the Easter post... what can I say... I'm behind on my blogging. I actually don't have many pictures from Lucy's b-day party, which was a pinata picnic in the back yard. Lucy really had fun... Here is a picture of the pinata I made. It was actually a group effort. Some of the neighbor kids helped me paste when they saw Lucy and I working on it out front. And Mike put on the pink tissue shingles! He is crafty!! Mike made Lucy a sandbox for her b-day and she also, among other fun stuff, got a bouncy horse from my parents! She named it Greta!

interpretive dance!!
new sand box! now part of the daily routine...
the first time Lucy ever asked to have something in her hair...other than a crown!

puzzles at school, post party!
Lu also had a school party...they have this nice ritual where the child holds a globe and they light a candle that represents the sun. And I got to tell a little story about each year of Lucy's life and then each year, after I spoke, she walks in a circle around the candle while the class sings a sweet song about how the earth goes around the sun in a year. It was really special...
then they sang the Happy Birthday song for her and she blew out the candles!


Chadlee said...

How cute is her school birthday tradition! She is so adorable and I love your pinata!

Beccalog said...

Hi there, looks like you all have settled nicely into Austin. I was wondering if you might be able to suggest a daycare for me. I have a 2 year old boy. Many Thanks!