Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Lucy dressed as a pirate for Halloween and we met her friend Ava (and her parents, who are our friends) at Descanso Gardens. It was beautiful and such a great place to go with toddlers, because they can really run free. Lucy has been very into pumpkins, so she was beside herself. She likes them so much that she says hi to them and gives them kisses. We told her that pirates say "aaaargh!", but her version sounded more like a very emphatic "UUuuugh!!!".


mike said...

Arrr matey -- ne'er a cuter pirate have I seen!

Chadlee said...

Too cute!

Mary Catherine O'Connor said...

adorable! that hat is brilliant! did you make it??
steve dressed up like Mystery from the show The Pickup Artist, but he ended up looking more like Jay from the Silent Bob duo.