Saturday, April 18, 2009

Whats your name mommy?

I am just blown away by how much Lucy can say now! I thought I would make a post so I can remember all this later. So, just a few weeks ago, right after she turned 2 she seemed to start getting the concept of "I". She started saying things like "I want Gam Kacker" (translation: graham cracker) instead of "Lucy want Gam Kacker". And now she even adds an A saying " I want A Gam Kacker mommy" ...But one fun new conversations we have now is "what is your name?". Lucy says "Whats your name mommy?" and I say "My name is Amy" and she says "Mommy's name is Amy" . Then I say "what is your name?" and she says "My name is Lucy". She goes through everyone's name. "What is sally's name?" Sometimes she answers herself saying "Sally's name is Weenie!". She is so fun to talk to! So far, I like the 2s and they are not terrible at all, but she is pushing her buddy Greta a lot and saying lots of NOs, and that is stressful sometimes. 

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