Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We are enjoying our first Texas summer. It is super HOT just like everyone warned, but we are liking it a lot. Life is just so much easier with a driveway, carport (for shaded not so hot car), backyard, close parks and public kiddie pools. I'll post some recent pictures.
Lucy is bonkers for popcycles! Asks for one numerous times a day...
Lucy painting Greta blue! (sorry Virginia!)
Lucy/Daddy painting collaboration. Lucy likes to tell us what to paint and then we try our best to make her vision come to life!
Lucy wanted to try out her umbrella and raincoat in the sprinkler!
We finally got the screen porch cleaned and uncluttered!! I even shampooed the carpet!! 

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Chadlee said...

I love all the pictures! Lucy has so much personality. We're so excited to see you guys.