Friday, June 14, 2013

Lu's Self Portrait Show

This post is late...since I am just getting back to the ole family blog, but Lucy had an art show in April at the Flatbed Gallery here in Austin. Her school has a yearly self-portrait show. It's a sight to be seen and super fun to see all the different styles. All the grades are mixed together, so it took us a while to find Lucy's painting, which was fun. While learning about self-portraits in class they studied Frida Kahlo (and made Frida paper dolls...then had a paper doll fashion show which sounds pretty fun) and learned about her life and her self-portraits. Also, in the first semester of school they studied Vermeer's Girl With A Pearl Earring and each did an interpretation. The teacher told me she teaches them by painting along with them, so as she paints something, the kids watch and copy her. As the years go on, they can be more creative and expressive. I really love her art teacher... I included some pictures I took of other student paintings that stood out to me.

The painting on the bottom next to Lucy is hers. : )

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