Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grandma Katie's Blanket!!

Mike's mom Katie knit Lucy a blanket and it has always been in her crib. If it was cold we would try to put it on her...but she would always take it right off. But all of sudden Lucy started asking to have it put on her and she keeps it on all night. When she is going to bed she says "blanket on! blanket on!" and rolls to a specific corner of the crib to get ready for blanket application. Then she wants a book to look at... and then she's ready for bedtime! It is so nice how she loves her blanket now! Thank you Grandma Katie for all your hard work! It is such a nice blanket. ...The picture on the couch is from a day when Lucy was sick and she was watching some TV...DORA the Explorer!!

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Chadlee said...

Lucy and Stella would get along so well. Blankies, and bedtime books, and Dora the Explorer. That's a cute story about the blanket!