Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Georgetown Playscape!!

We didn't realize when we went to stay with my my mom and Grady that they lived in a town with one of Texas's official top 10 playscapes! This place is insane! It's a huge wooden fort with all sorts of little tunnels and ramps and bridges. Someone gave us the lowdown on i's design and the city hired Playscape designers who then had a meeting with all the kids in town to brainstorm what the design should be. I think they created a structure that captures the imagination and can be imagined into a fort, and pirate ship, a Giant's tree house... anything i suppose. It is wonderful! One thing I think is really key, is that they made it safe for even young toddlers. All the walls are enclosed with bars so they can't fall off when climbing! It's nice so we dont need to hover!!   

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Chadlee said...

I've never seen anything like that. Looks like Lucy had a good time :).