Sunday, March 29, 2009


birthday train set!
opening her prezzie from Vonny-vonny!

(playing with Greta, Beth and Virginia)

It's hard to believe...well, no it's not, but Lucy turned 2 years old this weekend. My mom and Grady made a batch of super yummy cupcakes and thats all it took to make a party. We just went out in the front yard and visited with neighbors and my friend Beth came over, and Mike's parents were in town for the festivities too! ...Oh, and there was a water table! Thats key to a good 2yr old party, I think. 


jumpingjellyfish said...

I miss you guys!!!! Lucy, just save some of those sweet baby coos you used to make and I'm okay with you growing up so fast. Liam sends his love and says he's insisting on having a vacacion at su casa later this summer k? Amy and Mike you guys look great! Looks like Austin is workin' out for ya ;) We can't wait to wrap our arms around y'all!!!!

Chadlee said...

How cute, I wish we could have been there. We have got to get one of those water tables, what a great idea.