Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Sunday Outing!

turtle pile-up!

Jim and Katie are in town and today we went to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Preserve, just south of Austin and then a bit more south to The Salt-Lick. Jim talked to our neighbor about where to go for barbeque and he said we had to go there, because in Texas the Salt-Lick is the church of barbeque! It was pretty awesome...  And the wildflower preserve is definitely a place we will go back to many times, with many paths to explore. There were some signs with quotes from Ladybird...she had a way with words! Here are a few I really loved: 

"My heart found it's home long ago in the beauty, mystery, order and disorder of the flowering earth."

"My special cause, the one that alerts my interest and quickens the pace of my life, is to preserve the wildflowers and native plants that define the regions of our land- to encourage and promote their use in appropriate areas and thus help pass on to the generation in waiting the quiet joys and satisfactions I have known since my childhood."

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littlepuffyclouds said...


It was just wonderful to spend time with you all!! Lucy is so awesome! We were impressed with how she talks. Playing with the train set from "Nana and Papa" was so much fun! We enjoyed seeing them again too.

Lady Bird's Wildflower garden was beautiful with all the blooming Texan wildflowers. Spring has sprung! Texas Bar-B-Que is definitely on our favorites list.

What a nice neighborhood you are in. The neighbors are so friendly. As the bumper sticker says: "Will the last person in Wisconsin please turn out the lights?"

Grandpa Jim and Grandma Katie