Sunday, March 29, 2009


Our new home is on a street with 15 kids! They are always out on the street running around and riding bikes. Here are some pictures of our next-door neighbors Austen (at 9yrs old told me its "spelled like Jane Austen") and Ian(6, who makes Lucy laugh hysterically when he makes zombie faces/sound effects). They are so nice to her and she really seems to enjoy hanging out with them and observing their general madness! Lu also has a new buddy next door who is is just 2 months younger than her, a little girl named Greta. We have been seeing them almost everyday. I'm sure there will be pictures of her in the near future! She also loves the girls across the street who are showing Lucy how to do somersaults and handstands! So far she just throws herself on the ground (picture face-plant on grass) in her attempts.

a penny for her thoughts?

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Chadlee said...

That is so great that Lucy has little friends. Great there is one just her age and the big kids are a help too, at least I have noticed with Stella. She learns so much from them!