Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We have just been hanging out lately... here are some recent pictures!
I made homemade playdough, colored with blueberry juice! it was fun and easy!
i made a bear pancake with a face that scared Lucy...oops! i thought it was cute... ( i took the picture before Lucy was scared of it...fyi)
glue is a new favorite!!
i have been making felt boards!!

lucy has been getting in our bed and pretending to sleep...it's pretty adorable!


Future Trash said...

Cute Kid!!

Chadlee said...

Yea - new pictures! Lucy is so cute playing with her little friend. I like to hear all you're doing, it give me ideas. So funny about the pancake! Thanks for all your comments on my blog, I appreciate it!

Julie Mc said...

i love all these pictures!!