Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Morning

These are silk wings I made for Lucy yesterday (with oraganza insets for real butterfly likeness!) Today she tells me "I don't like those mommy...Maybe Greta will want to try them". I'm telling you...she says this every time I make something for her! Maybe I should give up! However...she still likes the playdough...
mmm, playdough balls for lunch! and whats that cooking in the microwave?? i think she said it was cookies!
masterpieces! : )

Well, I have a bad new habit of letting Lucy watch cartoons (Dora or Olivia) on the computer next to me in bed in the morning if I am super tired, which is approx. 2-3x per week! This way I can get some extra sleep... But we made up for it this morning with lots of creative stuff! Lucy painted for a half hour or so, then decided to start pouring the paint water cup out into another cup. So I got her some more cups to work with and a funnel and she sat there for another 30+ min pouring back and forth. She also presented me with a cup of muddy paint water and said it was tea with brown sugar and brown and white and blueberries and rasberries... She gave some to Sally too and was concerned that Sally didn't like it. I love to watch her play and see what she thinks of to do.


Julie Mc said...

the wings are beautiful!!! you can sell them on Etsy

Chadlee said...

I'm so excited to see all these updates and pictures! The wings are lovely, too bad she doesn't appreciate them. I love her little play kitchen! Stella is the same way with water. Sometimes we'll set her up near the sink with some cups and she'll be entertained for a long time.