Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We had a busy month... Jim and Katie came to visit mid-december, we had a cookie decorating party while they were here, and then we went to Mercer, WI to visit my family and go see Grandma Lucy who I hadn't seen since she moved into the Villa Maria in Hurley.
Making play-dough with Grandma Katie!
The final product...Glittery playdough snow man! He did not last for very long because shortly after this photo was taken Lucy's buddy Greta came over and they made other things, like glittery cookies and such.
one of the pom-pom ornaments that i made!
Lucy likes to help with laundry...she'll even put clothes in and then help change them to the dryer! I think her favorite part is pouring in soap and pushing the buttons!
putting soap and softener in...
cookie party madness! Lucy and Greta were pouring sprinkles in cups and then drinking them!! Things got crazy!!
Greta, Olivia, and Lucy at the "toddler table"... Olivia decorated her cookies like a civilized lady while Lucy and Greta were getting totally ca-razy with the sprinkles!
decorating the tree!
hanging with Grandma Lucy!
playing piano with Grandpa Dean!
Grandpa Dean demonstrates proper snow angel technique!
my dad's drive way after a snowy night... get the plow!
We got to participate in the short walk out into the woods to find this big ole christmas tree! Martha's son Dave sawed it down and dragged it home!

visiting Grandma Lucy for bingo at the Villa!


Chadlee said...

I love all the pictures! You guys did so many fun things for Christmas and Lucy looks so happy as always!

Mary Catherine O'Connor said...

Oh man Grandma Lucy has a serious stylish hat.