Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, I unfortunately don't have many of pictures of the guests we had, so I'll just have to fill you in. Julie and Brian decided to take a road trip and drive from LA to Austin and were here for 5 days! We had an awesome time! Mostly just sitting around and eating and relaxing and playing with Lucy. We did all (my mom and Grady came to babysit!) get to go out to the Alamo Drafthouse one night to see Sherlock Holmes. It is the best movie theater ever! You can order beer and food and they bring it right to your movie seat! It doesn't get much better than that! And for xmas my mom and Grady also spent the night... We had a full house and a fun christmas morning. Lucy's gifts were left in a bag by the door from Santa, as per her request. She was not cool with the idea of Santa coming in the house... She kept saying "No, Santa is not going to come in the house"...and so we came to a compromise of him leaving gifts at the door! I'll have to post more pictures soon of the pre-xmas festivities and our trip to Wisconsin!
really cool winter scene made of paper in a classroom at the Waldorf school...
cookies for Santa!
at the Waldorf Winter Festival...
Lucy drawing on her letter to Santa...
xmas is awesome!
Photo by Lucy... of Julie
skyping with the Mercer folks on xmas!
Lucy self portrait with new camera from Uncle Dave and Aunt Lindsey.
Lucy pic...
Lucy pic...
cardboard blocks from Grandma Katie and Grandpa Jim!
tricycle from Nana and papa!
cherry wood blocks from the Hatalskis!!

Waiting for sea monkeys!! Lucy's gift from Auntie MC and Uncle Steve!

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