Sunday, July 31, 2011

100 degrees at Mayview Park

Despite being 100 degrees outside and being pregnant I needed to go on a hike yesterday... In the class I am taking over the next year I have to take a nature walk in the same place once a month. This way I can observe the seasons and get to know one place well enough to see the changes. I really like this idea. I chose Mayview park and nature preserve, because it has a pretty low key 30 minute hike that I think I will even be able to handle when I'm about to have a baby! And it is really pretty and shady. I think it is my favorite place here in Austin and it's just 10 minutes away. And it has peacocks! And the coolest koi ponds with lily pads I've ever seen!

the gate that leads to the hiking path.
little puffy clouds
showing off!
huge lily pads!
navigating the rocky path...

so pretty, i love the stone walls...
heart cactus : )

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