Friday, July 15, 2011

Recent Craftiness...

Just thought I'd post some pictures of some of projects Lucy and I have been working on. Lucy has been hand sewing. Her teacher has burlap square with stitching projects at school, so I made her some for at home too. I have also had a sewing bug lately...and I also have been crocheting a bunch!

A little dress I made for Lu with an American Apparel tank top.
I bought a pattern on Etsy for this cute little dress and used some fabric that I have had sitting around forever!
Here is the full dress! I think it turned out pretty cute and better yet, Lucy actually wants to wear it all the time since it's comfy!
Crocheting! A baby hat and wash cloths. I really like crocheting...I just started crocheting again this year and I think it is so much easier than knitting and I love the way it looks.
Lucy's sewing projects!
I made a few of these sewing kits as bday presents for Lucy's friend's.

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