Sunday, July 31, 2011

my little garden!

We had a planter that I wanted to change the plants in... there were these lovely horsetail reeds, but they needed lots and lots of water. So I wanted to plant things that weren't so thirsty. My new plants need water every few days, but I only need a watering can rather than hosing the planter for 5 minutes! I am so happy they are doing well...I usually have a black thumb! These plants are pretty hardy! Here are some before and after shots. And a few of Lucy...because she's cute!
After...2 months later

Miss Lu... I was forcing her to pose, so I could practice using the digital SLR that we inherited from my dad! I finally got a new battery that holds a charge, so I think I'll use it a lot more now.

my blue toes with a chalk drawing Lucy and I drew of the ocean with sand and sunset. Lucy even thought to draw the reflection of the sun on the water.

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