Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

We spent the weekend in Georgetown at my mom and Grady's. I think it was Lucy's dream weekend... We went swimming, went on a "deer hunt" (we drive around at dusk looking for deer) and we saw 2 sets of little spotted fawns and a mama, we made peach cobbler, Lucy got to help make lemonade and have a lemonade stand at the kitchen table... but on the actual day of the 4th there was a fair at the georgetown park and there was the most awesome petting zoo! So many baby animals that we were all giddy. Lucy and I got to hold the sweeeeetest little baby goat! There was also a pony ride where Lu got to ride a running horse for the first time and I realy don't think I have ever seen her smile bigger! Then to top the day off we took Lucy to her first fireworks display! Phew, it was an action packed weekend!

Without further adieu... here are the pictures of the cute animals (and us).

Biggest smile ever seen on Lucy, right after running on a horse for the first time!

Sweet girl with cutest baby goat ever ever!!

Amy with flapping chicken!

i mean really!? so cute!!!

A girl in her element...

i loved these two little buddies... they sat on my lap for a while and we became pretty friendly.

Mike made a friend...

I feel like this in the morning sometimes...


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